Summer Vacation 2017- Day 3 in Maine

Woke up this morning and had some of the most amazing, out of this world, Strawberry Pancakes at Jordan's Restaurant. This is what vacations are made for!

After breakfast we drove up Cadillac Mountain. Once again this drive was courtesy of my boyfriend. I was a nervous wreck the entire drive up and back down.

The drive was worth it though. The views are completely breathtaking. I'll let the photos do the talking.

After our trip to Cadillac Mountain we decided to head back to Southern Maine for our last night of the trip. There are ton of sights to see in Acadia and I'm sure if you have the time you could spend an entire week exploring.

Our next stop was another little gem that I discovered on Pinterest. The Cellardoor Winery outside of Camden in Lincolnville.

We hadn't had time to visit the day before but I'm sure glad we made the time today. They offer a complimentary tasting and the wine was wonderful!

The grounds were also exceptionally gorgeous.

We then headed down towards Kennebunkport to relax before we head back home tomorrow.

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