Summer Vacation 2017- Day 1 in Maine

This summer my boyfriend and I decided to drive up the coast of Maine for a little end of the summer mini vacation. Living outside of Boston, we visit Maine somewhat frequently but it had been a couple years since I had been further North to Camden and Bar Harbor which are some of the most beautiful towns on the coast! On our first day we stopped at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

I'm so glad Pinterest led me to this little gem

I love botanical gardens. I think they are some of the best places to get creative with your photography (in my case, my iPhone photography) and they always make me feel relaxed and inspired to create.

The Coastal Maine Botanical Garden did not disappoint! It's filled with little whimsical touches everywhere, like the cat fence, the whale fountains and the industrial statues of the wolves.

The Garden was beautifully created and manicured but still gave a sense of wildness and made me feel like I was in my own secret garden. Which is just one of the best feelings in the world!

If you'd like to plan a visit head to their website:

After walking around the gardens we made our way over to the harbor and had lunch at the Harborside Tavern. I had a scallop po'boy that was delicious! The views of the harbor didn't hurt anything either!

After lunch we made a quick stop for a couple whoopie pies for the road. Can you guess which one I picked? (a little hint- it was Red Velvet)

We quickly got back on the road and headed up to Camden. By this point I'm getting pretty excited to be back in my favorite town on this planet. I cannot express how beautiful Camden is in words but hopefully the photos will do a better job.

I first came to Camden with my Mom about five years ago. I originally decided to visit because one of my favorite movies as a kid, Peyton Place, was filmed there. I quickly realized what a paradise it is for an artist and fell in love! I've returned several times and it has never lost it's charm.

This visit I was finally able to drive up Mt. Battie to the lookout thanks to my boyfriend (due to the fact that I'm a big chicken and didn't want to drive up the mountain myself in the past). It was everything I had hoped. Look at that view!

There's also this beautiful lookout tower.

If you ever get a chance to visit Maine I hope that you make Camden one of your main stops. This is beautiful coastal town with lots of wonderful restaurants, beautiful inns, quaint little shops and lots of outdoor activities. There's something for everyone here.

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